Welcome to our neck of the internet woods! We’re glad you’ve taken an interest in Goldfinch Meadows.

We’re a family owned and operated farm, located in Lebanon County, focusing on all natural, grass fed beef. We pride ourselves on raising our cows right here on site so we’re always aware of how they’re treated, their health, and what sort of mischief they may get in to (like hanging out in the chicken coop–true story!).

Our cows are free of hormones and antibiotics. The only supplements they are given is a topical spray for their own comfort to keep the flies at bay. And we try to minimize that by using a mobile chicken coop and having the chickens follow the cows around the pastures. Chickens love bugs and fly larvae!

We’re also proud of the fact that the hay they are supplemented with in the hot summer months and in the winter has been grown right here on our family farm.