The Perfect Steak

For me it used to be like Ahab and Moby Dick– constantly searching. Searching for the perfect way to cook my steak. It took YEARS! And if I’m being honest i really started seeking it out when we started raising our own beef.

As it turns out, I was over thinking it. And also as it turns out– great steaks don’t only come from the grill! Salt, pepper, olive oil, a cast iron skillet and your oven. That’s all you need for the perfect steak.

In this recipe I’m using filet mignon, but by using the same concept and adjusting your times (based on the thickness of your cut) you can achieve the same result with any cut you choose. I’ve tried this with our flat iron, ranch, t-bone, porterhouse and rib steaks and all were fantastic!

Two tips– 1. Bring your cut to room temperature before cooking. I always salt and pepper mine and then let it sit for about 30 minutes. And 2. When cooking your cut, don’t move it around the pan. Set it and forget it. (Well not really forget it– timing is everything!) but once you place it in the pan don’t move it. You want it to get that nice crust on the exterior!

And then that nice juicy pink center when you dive in.

Enjoy friends!


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