Price List/Reserving Your Beef


All Our Meat is USDA Inspected, Dry-Aged, Vacuum Sealed & Frozen

So you’re ready to order your beef?! Please fill out our Beef Order Form and return it with your deposit. Or– if you’re internet savvy, feel free to email us your form and pay your deposit below!

Prices include butchering, wrapping and freezing fees. Our bulk pricing is as follows:

  • Whole or Mixed Half –   $4.70/lb hanging weight
  • Mixed Quarter –              $4.75/lb hanging weight
  • Mixed Eighth –                $4.85/lb hanging weight
  • Bundle Pack –                  $8.50/lb (approximately 25-30 pounds)

**We will consider your beef package order “reserved” once your deposit is paid**

Reserve Your Beef Online Here