Fall Update 2018

Life has been busy on the farm these days! If you’ve been following along on our Facebook page, you already know that since our last post we’ve hosted two preschool groups from Welcome Little Ones in Palmyra

We had the honor of having our church family at Holy Trinity Lutheran in Lebanon hold a church service on the farm

And we’ve seen a new batch of baby chicks arrive. We think the mama hen had her nest in our garden since there was no shortage of cover with all the weeds we weren’t able to get to! 😊

After our sweet corn was harvested we let the cows come in and “clean things up” for us. They’re the best workforce!

Our Red Angus has quickly become my favorite in the herd. I’ve lovingly named him Bobby Flay.

We’ve also been dealing with lots and LOTS of rain this year. Here are the two littles playing in “River Albright” in the middle of our large pasture earlier in the summer.

As you can see, the babies are getting big fast! That means it’s time for farm chores! 😊 Alfie has been showing Roman what it means to fix fence. He better be a fast learner! We have lots of fence. Lol

As we head in to fall we’re getting things ready for winter weather. The cows are meandering through our bigger pasture and we’re stockpiling three of our smaller paddocks for the winter months so they hopefully have plenty of grass to enjoy along with the hay.

This next round of cows will be ready in March and we have new arrivals coming at some point this month to join our little motley crew.

Thank you to all of you who read our posts, enjoy my recipe ideas on Facebook and Instagram, share our page, and have been customers of ours. We’re very blessed to have you!!

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