Favorite Time of Year

It’s a toss up between fall and spring for me most of the time. But this year in particular I’m leaning more towards spring.

Perhaps it’s because I’m ahead of schedule with cleaning up flower beds and mulching. (With the help of a handsome little ginger boy)

Or maybe it’s because the toddlers are getting older and we’re getting to do more fun spring things. Like painting Easter eggs.

And trying out the new fishing poles the Easter Bunny brought for us.

It could be that as I’m getting older (I hit the big 4-0 in March!) I’m appreciating my surroundings more than i used to. Whatever the reason, I’m just enjoying this season. We’re getting new visitors to our pond.

Our hens are laying so many eggs that I’ve had to set up a little road-side egg stand. And I’m actually getting customers!

Speaking of the hens– they’re fully enjoying their foraging for bugs. I just wish they would all take a cue from this pretty girl and forage more in the PASTURES, then digging through the mulch in the flower beds and kicking it in to the yard.

The cows are happily grazing. In fact the grass is growing faster than what they can keep up with! Which is a nice problem to have. I just wish it stayed that way all year.

If you follow us on Facebook, I’m sure you know that this spring hasn’t been without sad moments. We lost our precious off track thoroughbred– Aisle Ring.

While we’ll never know what happened, I’m thankful for the time we had with him. And I’m glad he was in a familiar place. He took his first and last breath here on the farm. And we loved him dearly. I never claimed to be a horsewoman, but i hope my mother in law would have been proud of me for at least trying.

Anyway friends, that’s all for now. I leave you with a beautiful aerial photo that was taken recently of the farm. I hope you’re enjoying your spring as much as we are!

Hi, my name is David Cikovic. I grew up on this farm and lived there until I was 17. My dad and I came back to visit and met your mom who was a super nice lady. Sorry for the loss of your parents. I’m glad to see the farm thriving with the grass fed beef operation. Hope you have continued success in the new year. I have very fond memories of growing up on the dairy farm. I’m sure your children will cherish all the memories they’ll have from this wonderful environment and hope to maybe visit one day.

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