I hope this note finds you well and in good health during this unprecedented time. We’ve been keeping busy around these parts by doing a little something new and trying our hand at handmade soaps! It started as an effort to use more of what our cows provide. I decided I was going to use the tallow and make tallow soap. As I realized the enjoyment of soap making, and my supply of tallow dwindled, I decided I’d start making vegan friendly soaps as well!

Autumn Spice Tallow Soap

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I’d share with all of you to ability for you to order some of our small batch, handmade, tallow and vegan soaps. They can all be found in our online shop.

The tallow soaps are made with tallow, olive oil, coconut oil, lye, distilled water, and essential oils.

Our vegan soaps are made with ZERO animal byproducts. We use olive oil, coconut oil, rose hip oil, avocado oil, or almond oil in a variation of percentages along with lye, distilled water and essential oils.

Geranium and Rose Vegan Friendly Soap

And as a housekeeping item – I haven’t forgotten about our delicious grass-fed beef! This next round of cattle will be off to greener pastures at the end of May. I’ll be reaching out to previous beef customers in the next two weeks to give them a chance to put in their reservations first and after that will take orders from the public starting around February. Be on the look out for more updates!

In closing, I’d like the give a sincere thank you to any and all who support their local farmers by buying local. In these times of uncertainty- whether its health, our food supply chains (or even TP supplies!)– now more than ever it’s a good practice to know your farmer, know your food, and buy local!

Warm Regards,

Jenn Albright