What’s in a Name?

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It was two years ago this week that we took ownership of our farm after purchasing it from my mother-in-law’s estate. It was an overwhelming feeling. You’re feeling sad from the loss of family, hopeful for a bright future for the family homestead, yet scared about what it would mean going forward. “Will we still be able to take family vacations? Will the work be too much? What if we fail?”

Even with all the questions and unknown, my husband and I kept coming back to the thought that we need a name for the farm. Much like the legend of an unnamed boat not finding it’s way back to port, we felt the farm needed a name to get started off on the right foot.

The question was– what do we call it? We knew we didn’t want our last name included, but we also wanted there to be some sort of family significance for our children and our children’s children so on and so forth.

We were at a loss, and then one evening I was woken out of my sleep with a name. I woke Alfie up. I had a name! Goldfinch Farm. He said, “I like it hun, but can we get back to sleep?” The next morning we talked about it more. Alfie liked it, but wanted something other than the word “farm” in it, and said he’d rather it be Goldfinch Meadows. And so the name was born.

Goldfinch was Alfie’s grandfather’s middle name. He lived on the farm until his passing in 1983. Alfie and I both had memories of watching the Goldfinches on the farm with Alfie’s mom. I firmly believe she’s the one who sent the name to me in my sleep. Even our logo has a little ode to the family. Alfie’s grandfather was an aeronautical engineer and so the “wings” off the sides of the bird and crest are a little hint of flight wings.


So there you have it! The significance and meaning behind the name of our farm. Lets hope it brings us good luck!

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